Which Intern Are You From Grey’s Anatomy?

Grey’s Anatomy was at its happiest when all the original five interns were around. Even though it has been almost a decade since fans had the chance to see their favourite squad together, they haven’t forgotten what it was like to watch the show with all these lovable characters.

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    Do you like your family?

    • I don’t call it a family.
    • They are messed up but I love them.
    • Nope.
    • They embarass me but love me.
    • Of course. What kind of question is that?
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    Are you a self-made person?

    • I am hard-working, but my parents are filthy rich, so I did get a head start.
    • I am doing what my parents did, so not really.
    • I had little to no help from my parents.
    • I am successful despit having the family that I do.
    • I come from a humble background, but my family is comparatively functional and supportive.
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    Did you have a happy childhood?

    • I was really poor.
    • I spent it dodging foster home after foster home.
    • Apart from a few traumatic events, it was okay.
    • I watched my mother try to kill herself.
    • I was quite different from my family, but they were very loving.
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    Do you think you are important?

    • Not really, and it makes me sad.
    • No, and I wonder why because in my eyes I’m perfect.
    • No. I think I am a damaged person, so nobody loves me.
    • Yes. I’m the centre of the damn universe.
    • Not now, but you’ll see in a few years.
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    Have you found the love of your life?

    • Yes
    • Way too many times.
    • I did and I lost them
    • They just keep comin’
    • I drove away a person who basically worshipped me so idk
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    What quality do you value the most?

    • Loyalty
    • Kindness
    • Intelligence
    • Strength
    • Determination
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    Do you think you deserve happiness?

    • No. I think I bring sadness everywhere I go.
    • I am the happiest person I know, duh.
    • Achievments make me happy.
    • I am sometimes a really bad person.
    • Yes. But I am always sad.
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    What do you do when you’re sad?

    • Dance it out.
    • Drown myself in work because I love it.
    • Mope in a corner.
    • Lash out at my friends.
    • Bake, like, a hundred of cupcakes.
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    Do you consider yourself fortunate?

    • I am a walking train wreck.
    • I have had bad things happen to me, but I am in a better place, now.
    • Things have worked in my favour for the most part.
    • Everything sucks in my life.
    • I try to make the best of whatever happens to me.
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    Choose a BFF.

    • Meredith
    • Arizona
    • George
    • Izzie
    • Cristina
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    Choose someone you want to date.

    • Derek
    • Owen
    • Jo
    • Denny
    • Callie