Answer These Questions To Find Out Which Grey’s Anatomy Character You Are!

We can never get over Grey’s Anatomy! Want to know which character you would have been, had you been in Shondaland?

Take this quiz to find out which of our precious characters you are! <3

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    How would others describe you?

    • Whiny
    • Witty
    • Troublemaker
    • Dreamy
    • Walking-Talking Encyclopedia
    • Dark and Twisty
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    Pick your area of specialization!

    • General
    • Peds
    • Ortho
    • Neuro
    • Cardio
    • I don’t know because I am good at everything!
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    Which one of these would you read?

    • Harry Potter
    • Lord of the Rings
    • The Chronicles of Narnia
    • A song of ice and fire.
    • Percy Jackson
    • The Hunger Games
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    What is your love life like?

    • I am in a relationship
    • I have dated too many crazy people.
    • I am single and career is my only focus right now!
    • I am divorced!
    • I am still in love with my ex!
    • I don’t like commitments so my love life is messed- up.
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    What makes you cry?

    • Literally anything can make me cry.
    • Nothing makes me cry!
    • I cry while watching movies!
    • I don’t remember when I last cried!
    • The last time I cried was when someone died.
    • I cry whenever I am stressed out.
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    What do you hate the most?

    • Boredom
    • Ignorance
    • Mess
    • When people are rude to me for no reason
    • When someone is smarter than me
    • When somebody holds me accountable for things that went wrong
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    When you are in a stressful situation, what do you do?

    • I cry
    • I think about ways to solve it
    • I pray
    • I play golf
    • I work too much when I’m stressed
    • I talk and seek suggestions from people I trust
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    What’s your worst fear?

    • Mediocrity
    • Letting down people who trust me
    • Losing my loved ones
    • That people would come to know about my insecurities
    • That I run away when things get hard and that will make me lose important things
    • Losing my identity
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    Describe your perfect date!

    • A romantic candle-light dinner at a fancy restaurant
    • A date on the ferry
    • A lunch date in the canteen of my office
    • We could work in the same place and even that could be a perfect date!
    • Watching the sunset and sipping coffee together
    • Anything can be a perfect date when I am with the one I love
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    Which of these is your favorite song played in Grey’s Anatomy?

    • Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
    • Breathe by Anna Nalick
    • Make this go on forever by Snow Patrol
    • How to save a life by The Fray
    • All I need by Matt Kearney
    • In my veins by Andrew Bell