Which Character Are You From Shadowhunters?

The best part about Shadowhunters is its beautifully put together cast, and the characters themselves are worth looking up to. It would certainly be fun to find out which of these annoyingly pretty people you are!

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    Do you know who your father is?

    • What kind of question is that?
    • Ask that question again, mundane, and I’ll serve you your head on a platter.
    • It’s a long story.
    • Idk I stopped counting after three possible fathers.
    • Wait, what?
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    Which one of these qualities best suits you?

    • Kindness
    • Discipline
    • Loyalty
    • Bravery
    • Curiosity
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    Which of these things is the most important to you?

    • Doing the right thing, the right way.
    • Doing the right thing, whichever way it is quicker.
    • Doing the kind thing.
    • Doing the kind thing, the right way.
    • Doing the kind thing, but only if it’s the right thing as well.
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    Who’d you want to date in the show?

    • Maia
    • Raphael
    • Magnus
    • Clary
    • Jace
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    What do you do other than being an absolute badass?

    • Read
    • Cook
    • Sing
    • Make art
    • Brood
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    Which character would you want to bring back from the dead?

    • Jocelyn Fairchild
    • Simon Lewis
    • Jonathan Morgenstern
    • Jace Herondale
    • Hodge Starkweather
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    What do you want to do for a living?

    • Be a badass soldier
    • Be an artist
    • Be a secret agent
    • Be a musician
    • Be a chef.
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    Do you like where you are in your life right now?

    • It all came outta’ nowhere.
    • It’s all too new. I don’t even know.
    • Everything I have ever known was a lie.
    • Not all that much. I could be doing better.
    • I’m where I have always wanted to be.
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    Have you ever truly been in love?

    • Yes, and I believe in one love for one lifetime.
    • Yes, a couple of times.
    • Does it count if the other person never loved me back?
    • Yes. Deeply.
    • Yes, and it hurts so much.