Which Stranger Things Character Are You?

If you’re a fan, you’ve probably rewatched Stranger Things a couple of times in the past few months and although we can’t help it that Season 3 is still so far away, we can just pass a couple of happy minutes by taking this quiz!

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Let’s take this quiz to find out which one among the Stranger Things characters do you resemble the most! XD

  • Do you love animals?

    • Yes, definitely!
    • Ah, haven’t given it much thought!
    • No. I hate them.
  • Would you like to have a pet?

    • Yes, definitely!
    • No, not at all!
    • I might, I’m not really sure!
  • How close you are to your family?

    • Very close.
    • Not very much.
    • Not at all.
  • Which of the following describes you the best?

    • Introvert
    • Extrovert
    • Ambivert
  • How would your friends describe you?

    • Brave
    • Smart
    • Funny
  • How is your mood right now?

    • Happy
    • Excited
    • Upset
  • Pick a Dungeons and Dragons class!

    • Ranger
    • Monk
    • Fighter
    • Sorceror
    • Bard
    • Druid
  • How are you at flirting?

    • Smooth AF
    • Weird
    • I can’t flirt at all
  • Who is your favourite among these three?

    • Bob
    • Hopper
    • Joyce
  • Who do you think can be your best friend?

    • Nancy
    • Jonathan
    • Steve
    • Joyce
    • Hopper
    • Erica