Do You Remember How It All Began- Season 1 Of Grey’s Anatomy

It’s sheltered to state that most of specialists and specialists don’t have that extraordinary of a public activity. This is because of them being devoted to sparing the lives of others — and individuals will in general need saving money consistently. Indeed, it isn’t remarkable for specialists to work very extended periods and invest little energy with their families. At long last, a specialist can’t decline to do a medical procedure so as to make it to their little girl’s expressive dance presentation, as sparing somebody’s life is of most extreme need.

During the first season of Gray’s Anatomy, we will meet the most current assistants at Seattle Grace Mercy West. While a large portion of them are prepared to enter their field, a decent larger part of them are hesitant to commit an error before their coaches. Let’s see who gets all the answers correct! Enjoy playing

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    Why does Ellis Grey give Meredith ownership of her house?

    • Because Ellis has Alzheimer’s disease and moves into a home.
    • Because she recently got divorced and needs a place to stay.
    • Because she can’t afford to live on her own
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    What is the name of the hospital in season 1?

    • Seattle Grey West
    • Sloan West Memorial
    • Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital
    • Seattle Grace Hospital
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    Where do Meredith and Derek first meet?

    • In medical school.
    • At work, Derek is Meredith’s boss.
    • At a bar
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    How does George get syphilis?

    • George gets it from his ex-girlfriend.
    • Alex gives it to Olivia and Olivia to George
    • He gets it from Miranda, who got it from Preston.
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    Why does Meredith have to appear before the Hospital council in season 1?

    • Because she slept with her boss.
    • Because she gave a patient medication for free
    • Because she pierced a heart with her finger nail didn’t speak up about it
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    Who do the interns refer to as “The Nazi”?

    • Derek Shepherd
    • Alex Karev
    • Miranda Bailey
    • Addison Montgomery
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    How did Izzie pay for medical school?

    • By bartending.
    • By selling prescription medicine.
    • By modelling for a lingerie company
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    Who was responsible for leaving a towel inside of Ms. Drake’s chest?

    • Preston Burke
    • Derek Shepherd
    • Miranda Bailey