The Strange Happenings – The Vampire Diaries

Stefan and Damon argue about what is best for Elena’s transition. As there is a memorial being held, April Young arrives in the town. Suddenly a stranger, named Conner questioned about the fire at the young farm to Sheriff and Mayor Lockwood, at his mansion. When Tyler shakes hands with Conner, he noticed that they were vervain drenched gloves. Conner shoots bullets as he was a vampire hunter. Stefan notices a special sign on the bullets. Next day, Elena goes to the Church, where he meets April and tries to comfort her, but the blood lost causes him to run to the bathroom. She calls Damon to bring another dress. Later, Conner kidnaps April by stabbing and tying her up. April’s dripping blood was smelled by everyone. Before Elena lost his control, Stefan gets her. Tyler tries to distract Conner, who shoots him in public. Conner left the Church and April was handled by Elena and Caroline.

  • Question /

    In the season 5 episode “Original Sin” who compelled the bartender to serve Damon a shot vervain?

    • Isobel
    • Katherine
    • Silas
    • Nadia
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    In “I’d Leave My Happy Home for You” who is locked in a cell in the Salvatore house by Stefan and Damon?

    • Jo
    • Lily
    • Bonnie
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    At the end of the season 6 episode “Do You Remember The First Time” who finds Bonnie’s teddy bear?

    • Stefan
    • Alaric
    • Elena
    • Damon
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    David Gallagher plays a werewolf named what?

    • Ray
    • Tom
    • Roy
    • Bob
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    What is the name of the actress who plays Caroline Forbes?

    • Kat Graham
    • Bonnie Bennett
    • Nina Dobrev
    • Candice Accola
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    Bonnie Bennett is best friends with which character?

    • Elena
    • Vicki
    • Tyler
    • Jeremy
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    What is Damon and Stefan’s last name?

    • Mikaelson
    • Salvatore
    • Gilbert
    • Bennett
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    At the start of season 6 who erases the memories of Damon from Elena’s mind?

    • Caroline
    • Luke
    • Alaric
    • Liv
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    How does Stefan remember his kills?

    • He buries them together
    • He takes their photo
    • He keeps a souvenir
    • He keeps a list
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    The Originals predominately consist of what family?

    • Salvatore Family
    • Mikaelson Family
    • Dobrev Family
    • Petrova Family