The Mikaelsons

How Well Do You Remember ‘Mikalesons’ from ‘The Originals’?

Hey guys, welcome back to BuzzFrag. We’re here again with an exciting quiz related to The Vampire Diaries spin-off, The Originals.

The big and complicated Mikaelson family, also known as The Originals, was a big hit after The Vampire Diaries ended. The original vampires were born in New Orleans and turned by a curse of their mother in order to protect them from an evil that comes every night.

Niklaus (Klaus) Mikaelson, the original vampire hybrid, is the most beloved villain on cinema. Throughout the series, Klaus has been portrayed as fearless, wicked, and egocentric, but yet being a passionate and vulnerable vampire. His brutality, anger, and unmerciful nature made him a dreadful vampire legend.

Did You Know?

  • A Mikaelson Marrying a Bennet? 

No, not really! Stop panicking! I’m talking about the real-life relationship between Joseph Morgan (Klaus) and Persia White. The two met during “Vampire Diaries” where White played the mother of Bonnie Bennet, Abbey Bennet Wilson.

  • Who Would Make a Better Father, Klaus or Joseph Morgan? 

While Joseph Morgan might not have any kids yet, he long ago wanted Klaus to have them! In 2013, long before little Hope Mikaelson was in our heads and on our screens, Morgan told his fans how much he wanted Klaus to be a daddy! “I hope he really loves that baby. Because I think there’s nothing that will be more interesting than a murderous, sociopathic killer who will do anything for his new-born child.

  • Klaus Almost Attended Hogwarts!

One of Mogan’s first audition was for a role in the Harry Potter films. Given how avid a reader Morgan is, it’s no surprise that he read these novels. What’s more shocking is who he auditioned as: Tom Riddle. That’s correct! Klaus Mikaelson, the man who would become Lord Voldemort, was almost cast as him!

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It’s time to have fun. Let’s see how much do you still remember ‘The Mikaelsons’.

  • Question of

    What Year Did Klaus Become A Vampire?

    • 990
    • 1492
    • 1001
    • 1005
  • Question of

    To Whom Did Klaus Say – “I Fancy You. Is That So Hard To Believe?”

    • Cami
    • Caroline
    • Hayley
    • Rebekah
  • Question of

    Why Did Klaus’ Blood Not Help In Healing Finn From His Wound From Lucien?

    • Davina fused Finn’s soul to his body
    • Finn wanted to die
    • Venom of all seven packs was added to hybrid spell
  • Question of

    What was one of their Christmas traditions?

    • Feed on as many people
    • Sleep in coffins
    • Have a party
    • Write wish on paper and burn
  • Question of

    Mikaelson is of Scandinavian origin. Everyone knows that. But do you know what does that mean?

    • The mighty ones
    • Sons of light
    • Son of Mikael
    • Sons of Evil
  • Question of

    Whose neck did Freya snap ?

    • Lucien
    • Some witches from the asylum
    • Lucien and Klaus and several other Strix members
    • Hayley
  • Question of

    In which episode does Hope make her first appearance?

    • Legacies: Season 1, Episode 1
    • The Originals: Season 1, Episode 18
    • Legacies: Season 2, Episode 11
    • The Originals: Season 1, Episode 22
  • Question of

    In which episode does Freya said ” My family’s about to be pulled apart and there’s literally nothing I can do about it. I’m supposed to be the big sister that could fix everything”?

    • Savior
    • The Feast Of All Sinners
    • Wheel Inside The Wheel
    • A Ghost Along The Mississippi