‘Riverdale’ Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Villains Of The Hit CW Show?

Hey guys welcome back to another exciting quiz related to Riverdale. This time we’re here not just to present a quiz before you. But also to tell you something interesting related to Archie Comics, which many of you might know. Yes, you heard it right! You’ll get to know about this at the end of the description.

Riverdale is an American teen drama television series based on the characters of Archie Comics.

Riverdale’s’ characters are the most well known mainstream society figures of the present day, that the CW show has. Since its start, the show, notwithstanding a true to life rendition of probably the most adored comic book characters. Riverdale has given us  a bunch of opponents that have been considered  layered and as calculative as the heroes

What follows this description is a Riverdale Test that depends on the different bits of random data about Riverdale’s villains and how they have demonstrated to be road obstructions in the on-screen lives of different characters depicted by different entertainers who are a piece of Riverdale’s cast list.

So, what I was talking about at the beginning, here it is. Adult Swim Teases ‘The Bleepin’ Robot Chicken Archie Comics Special’. Josie and the Pussycats return from space, as ‘Robot Chicken’ gives Riverdale High its own stop-motion special; parody premieres May 23.

Finally, the teens at Riverdale High get their very own skewering stop-motion special with The Bleepin’ Robot Chicken Archie Comics Special, premiering Sunday, May 23 at midnight ET/PT on Adult Swim.

Are you a true Riverdale fan? Then try to ace this quiz in one go. Let’s see who gets them all correct.

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  • Question of

    Riverdale Season 5 has established the sibling of one of its main characters as the mysterious villain who was responsible for most of the drama in season 4. What is the name of that person?

    • Oreo
    • Jellybean
    • Jasmine
    • Kitkat
  • Question of

    Who does Clifford Blossom hire in order to kidnap and torture his own son, Jason back in Riverdale Season 1?.

    • Mustang
    • Hurricane
    • Aventador
    • Supra
  • Question of

    One of Riverdale’s villains forced one of their adoptive child to marry the other. Who was that?

      Sweet Pea
    • Hermoine Lodge
    • Geraldine Grundy
    • Rose Blossom
      Rose Blossom
  • Question of

    Who is responsible for killing the character of “Poppa Poutine” in the show?

    • Jughead
    • Andre
    • Hermoine Lodge
    • Penny Peabody
  • Question of

    Which major Riverdale antagonist was termed a ‘Hero’ by Sweet Pea?

    • Black Hood
    • Hiram Lodge
    • Andre
  • Question of

    One of the very first few shootings that are orchestrated in the universe of the show is attributed to the Black Hood. Who was The Black Hood allegedly trying to target?

    • Fred Andrews
    • Andre
    • Archie Andrews
    • It was a non-targeted shooting orchestrated by The Black Hood in order to send a message, which leads to some casualties
  • Question of

    When Archie and Jughead go and visit FP Jones in Prison, he proposes a street race with the members of his gang that are out there. What, as per the initial proposal, was up for grabs for the victor?

    • Veronica Lodge’s Hand in Marriage
    • The Control Of Southside High
    • The bikes owned by Jones’ gang
    • None of the above
  • Question of

    What is the name that the main drug lords of the Riverdale universe adopt after they assume the position?

    • Jingle Jangle
    • The Boogeyman
    • Glasses Malone
    • The Sugarman