13 Facts About “13 Reasons Why” We Bet You Probably Didn’t Know

9. The scar on Clay’s head has a secret meaning !

The reason Clay had the scar on his head was so you could know whether we were seeing the past or the present.

Additionally Tony’s cross tattoo on his wrist contains a semicolon which is the symbol for depression and suicide awareness.

10. The cast themselves hadn’t read the book

Neither of the 2 main leads of the show had read the book prior to being cast. Dylan Minette (Clay) didn’t want to confuse the character in the book with the character in the show , so he didn’t read it  His counterpart , on the other hand read it between casting and filming.

11. Selena Gomez sang a cover in the final episode

Along with lending her skills behind the camera as a producer for the series, she covered a song that plays in the final episode as well.

The song she covered, called “Only You,” was originally the 1982 debut single from Yazoo. Now, Selena shows off one of her many talents by adding her version on the official soundtrack for 13 Reasons Why.