10 Least Known Facts About Marvel’s The Falcon And The Winter Soldier You Probably Didn’t Know

Marvel has outdone itself with every movie and now has taken a deep dive into the unknown through tv shows. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is one such show that has given new meaning to various characters. The show focuses on the journey of Sam Wilson taking up the mantle of Captain America and Bucky Barnes coming to terms with his mistakes as the Winter Soldier. However, there are various facts about the show that even die-hard fans are unaware of. Listed below are 10 such less known facts. So let’s dig in:

1. Zemo was originally not part of the show:

Fans who originally hated the character of Baron Zemo from Captain America Civil War were at last in love with him. However, He was originally not part of the show. The producers of the show included him during the phase of creating a story for the show. How exciting right!

2. Covid-19 caused Marvel to opt for re-shoots and location changes:

The pandemic and the ruckus caused by the same made Marvel make significant changed to the show. Location changes and re-shoots were the main problems that Marvel had to face during the filming of the show.

3. The fictional city of Madripoor is an actual location:

The alleys in the Madripoor city, where the power broker lived is an actual location in Atlanta, Georgia. The writers of the show looked for real locations and gave the suburb a new look that became part of the final show.

4. The truck fight was most CGI:

The iconic truck fight scene was considered one of the most difficult scenes to shoot due to the extensive use of CGI. The moving trucks,  mountains, and antagonists were computer-generated. Astonishing right!

5. The new cowl of Sam Wilson’s Captain America costume required touch up:

The cowl of the suit worn by Sam in the last episode as Captain America required CGI at various places. Any movement led to creases into the cowl that required removal and touch-up in the post-production.

6. Sam’s secret identity in Madripoor was a nod to the comics:

The secret identity of Conrad Mack which Sam took in Madripoor is an actual character from the Marvel Comics – New Warriors.

7. John Walker’s new avatar of US Agent is also a direct nod to the Comics:

John Walker who originally became the new Captain America finally took the mantle of US agent. This is a direct nod to an actual character with the same name and costume color scheme who appeared in various Marvel comics.

8. Zemo’s capture and his place of imprisonment were the same as in Captain America Civil War:

Zemo who was captured and imprisoned in the last episode was taken to the Raft where other Avengers were kept in Captain America Civil War. Mind-blowing right!

9. The opening fight scene with Batroc used a little amount of CGI:

The flying helicopter fight scene between Batroc and Sam Wilson as Falcon used actual sky drivers and locations for shooting. The studio used a little amount of CGI for this scene which is very rare in action movies.

10. Anthony Mackie is from Louisiana in reap life:

Anthony Mackie is born and brought up in Louisiana similar to his character in the show. The writers wanted to give Anthony Mackie a personal connection with the character. Therefore, the actual place of birth of the character was altered from New York.

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