Which Riverdale character do you resemble?

The CW’s Riverdale series has been one hell of a TV series with unusual plot and unbelievable twists in the story line. The series’ cast is really attractive and a major highlight of this show. Whom do you like in the Riverdale High School? Take this quiz to know if you are Betty, Veronica, Jug or Archie.

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  • Which of these clubs were you a part of in high school?

    • Music
    • Cheerleader
    • Football
    • Literary
  • How do you like to spend your money?

    • In buying new clothes and shoes
    • In buying books
    • In food and drinks
    • In buying a new car
  • What quality in a person attracts you the most?

    • Lovable character
    • Body and build
    • Apparels and attire
    • Sarcasm
  • If there has been a crime in you school, what would you do?

    • Try to find a clue about who has committed the crime
    • Involve in fights and action
    • Investigate the crime and make a report for the high school journal
  • What do you do when you attend a party?

    • Drink and have fun
    • Be the center of attention
    • Be nice and sweet to all the guests
    • Eww ! I don’t like social parties
  • What do you do when your best friend is bullied or in danger?

    • Confront the bully on the spot
    • Stand for your friend
    • Go to any extent to save him/her
    • Have a cold hatred towards the bully
  • How would you want your date to be?

    • Smart and beautiful
    • Rich and gorgeous
    • Honest and popular
    • Moody and serious
  • How would you describe yourself when you were in high school?

    • Introvert
    • Nerdy
    • The Social Expert
    • The Big Man on campus
  • Where would you be found on a late Friday night?

    • In a bar getting drunk
    • In your bedroom
    • At your friend’s home for a sleepover
    • Having fun with the girls
  • How do you describe your rapport with your parents?

    • My dad is cool but my mom always interferes in my life
    • My mom and dad are separated
    • I was my daddy’s favorite but now live with my mom
    • There is constant chaos in the family

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