The Ultimate Dark Quiz-Take It Now!

Dark is a fabulous mind bending show involving time travel and multiple worlds. It is based in the town of Winden in Germany where characters of different families are somehow related to each other and form one big family loop instead of a family tree. This is probably the most difficult Dark quiz you would’ve come across, put your thinking caps on and find out if you were able to retain the minor details of the show!

  • Question of

    Chronologically, this watch was first in the possession of?

    • Gustav Tannhaus
    • Heinrich Tannhaus
    • Leopold Tannhaus
  • Question of

    The bracelet worn by Jana belonged to whom?

    • The Unknown’s mother
    • The Unknown’ grandmother
    • The Unknown’s father’s half sister’s daughter
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    Katharina was named after whom?

    • Helene
    • Hannah
    • St. Christopher’s mother
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    Who all don’t exist in the origin world?

    • Bartosz, Magnus, Elizabeth
    • Magnus, Franziska, Helge
    • Helene, Egon, Agnes
  • Question of

    Who raised Silja?

    • Her half brother
    • Her half sister’s daughter
    • Her daughter – in – law
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    What are the names of H.G.Tannhaus’ son and daughter-in-law?

    • Mark and Sonja
    • Marek and Sonja
    • Marek and Sanoj
  • Question of

    Who kills Agnes’ father?

    • Adam
    • Noah
    • The Unknown
  • Question of

    Who among the following aren’t half siblings?

    • Jonas – Silja
    • Silja – Claudia
    • Helge – Regina