IF you are die hard fan of MARVEL then take this quiz

Marvel is the most popular comics in today’s date. Marvel movies always amaze us with their unique movies and the hidden easter-eggs in the movies which we always love to find. so here I brought this amazing quiz of MCU. Remember all the questions will be based on Marvel movies and not comics.

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  • What was the name of place where odin was living in movie Thor:ragnarok?

    • Manhattan
    • New york
    • Norway
    • Iceland
  • In Captain America, what was the name of the agreement which leads avengers to separate?

    • Sokovia records
    • Sokovia agreement
    • The law of Sokovia
    • Sokovia accords
  • From which infinity stone ,scartlet witch and quicksilver got powers?

    • Mind stone
    • Reality stone
    • Space stone
    • power stone
  • Who is the best-friend of spiderman in spiderman:homecoming?

    • James
    • fred
    • michael
    • Ned
  • What was the last word groot said in Avengers infinity war?

    • Friend
    • Dad
    • Brother
    • Captain
  • By whom Phil Coulson was killed in Avengers movie?

    • Chitori army
    • Hulk
    • Loki
    • Thor
  • which version of Armour Tony used in Avengers:Infinity war

    • Mark 42
    • Mark 60
    • Mark 50
    • Mark 52
  • What was the name of Tony’s A.I during the fight against huk?

    • Veronica
    • Friday
    • Jarvis
    • ultron
  • In which movie Reality stone was first appeared?

    • Thor: the dark world
    • Captain America: the winter soldier
    • The incredible hulk
    • Avengers
  • Which avenger saved the city from nuclear missile in Avengers movie?

    • Hulk
    • Thor
    • Captain America
    • Iron man