Identify the characters of Riverdale. Can You?

Let’s play an exciting quiz on Riverdale. I bet you haven’t played it ever before. Identify the famous characters from the Riverdale.

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  • She lies to Veronica and, for some reason, is sticking by Hiram’s side when she could (and should) totally ditch him for Fred Andrews.

    • Clifford
    • Penelope
    • Hermione
  • She accepted a bribe from Hermione to give Lodge Industries the Twilight Drive

    • Sierra McCoy
    • Penelope Blossom
    • Geraldine Grundy
  • He shot his own son.

    • Hiram
    • Clifford
    • Geraldine Grundy
  • He helped FP in covering up the murder of Jason Blossom, but later, he skipped town, leaving FP to deal with the mess.

    • Hal Cooper
    • Reggie Mantle
    • Joaquin DeSantos
  • He is always there to feed the town and he got to keep his Chock’lit Shoppe.

    • Jason Blossom
    • Pop Tate
    • Jughead Jones
  • He was in jail for fraud.

    • Hiram
    • Clifford
    • Geraldine
  • He helped Clifford cover up Jason’s murder after he initially kidnapped him .

    • FP Jones
    • Hal Cooper
    • Hiram Lodge
  • She is a journalist and can get her hands on information most people can’t.

    • Alice Cooper
    • Melody Valentine
    • Mary Andrews
  • She stood up to Josie when Josie wasn’t too happy about her making music with Archie.

    • Polly Cooper
    • Josie McCoy
    • Valerie Brown
  • She is a typical mean girl and lost her twin brother, the only person she was close to, and realized how horrible her parents truly are.

    • Betty
    • Cheryl
    • Sierra