Can you Guess Marvel movies from just an image? Try your out your marvel movies knowledge

No doubt, Everyone Loves Marvel movies. This is because  MCU movies contain so much  easter eggs and have remarkable continuity. So,  Everyone loves to find it, but it requires a great amount of knowledge of Marvel movies. Means only a true Marvel fan can only find the answers

Let me ask you One simple question? How well do you know Marvel Universe?  so, I have created this awesome quiz to test your knowledge about the MCU.

Take this quiz and have fun finding out if you are a true fan or not?

  • Question of

    This scene of Captain America is from which movie?

    • Captain America:The first avenger
    • Captain America: The winter soldier
    • Captain America: the civil war
    • Avengers:Age of ultron
  • Question of

    This picture is from which MCU movie?

    • Avengers: Civil war
    • Avengers: Infinity war
    • Avengers: Age of Ultron
    • Avengers
  • Question of

    Find which movie’s post-credit scene is this?

    • Iron man
    • Hulk
    • iron man 2
    • iron man 3
  • Question of

    find the movie from this post-credit scene?

    • Thor
    • Iron man 2
    • Avengers
    • hulk
  • Question of

    which planet is it in the below picture?

    • Assgard
    • Vormier
    • Ego the living planet
    • titan
  • Question of

    where is Thor in this picture?

    • Assgard
    • Earth
    • Sakar
    • vormier
  • Question of

    who is in the picture?

    • collector
    • grandmaster
    • ego
    • korg
  • Question of

    In which movie Thanos first appeared?

    • avengers
    • thor: the dark world
    • guardian of the galaxy
    • avengers: age of ultron
  • Question of

    This picture is from which movie?

    • captain america: civil war
    • spider-man: homecoming
    • avengers: infinity war
    • iron man 3
  • Question of

    To whom vulture is having conversation?

    • spider-man
    • scorpian
    • shocker
    • mysterio