Teen Wolf

Are You Really Up For This Toughest “Teen Wolf” Trivia?

When I started watching the first episode, I didn’t expect anything, because I didn’t know the actors nor what the story was going to be.

At the end I realized it was quick, it had funny dialogues, it wasn’t not pretentious and it was absolutely FUN! Teen Wolf did not incorporate supernatural only. Finding the Alpha who bit Scott added mystery, Allison’s relationship with Scott added romance (but not so much that men would change the channel), and Stiles, who is my biggest reason to not miss it every Monday, gives the show a very comedic turn and Dylan O’Brien plays him beautifully. So anyone who likes any of those genres would like this program. It really has something for everyone.

Every character plays their role well and the casting is perfect. Season 1 was great it was action packed and had a brilliant story line and perfect music, season 2 it just got better and better, introducing other characters, but not too many to go over the top (like vampire diaries did). It was just right. Season 3 was just amazing, it blew my mind and made me love every character in it. It had a great soundtrack and once again a good story line and not at all tacky.

Throughout the series you really witness the actors improve and grow. Especially Stiles (Dylan O’Brian)he was brilliant in all the seasons but in season 3 really excelled and was mind-blowing.

The series also received 13 Teen Choice Awards, nine for the performances and four for Choice Summer TV Series.

Take this quiz and find out how much you remember about this series. Shall we play

  • Question of

    In which fictional town was Teen Wolf set ?

    • Mystic Hills
    • Beacon Hills
    • Sunnydale
    • Star Hollow
  • Question of

    What was Stiles Stilinksi’s real name ?

    • Aristoteles
    • Stanis
    • Mieczyslaw
    • Cuauhtenc
  • Question of

    What type of supernatural being was Lydia ?

    • Siren
    • Meduim
    • Witch
    • Banshee
  • Question of

    Who was Scott’s first Beta?

    • Liam
    • Theo
    • Hayden
    • Corey
  • Question of

    How did Alison Argent die?

    • She was stabbed by an Oni
    • The beast of Gevaudan killed her
    • She was erased from existence by Ghost Riders
    • She was one of Jackson’s victims
  • Question of

    What is the name of Coach’s least favourite student ?

    • Nolan
    • Matarazzo
    • Greenberg
    • Stiles
  • Question of

    Which of the following season was Derek Hale completely absent from ?

    • Season 3
    • Season 4
    • Season 5
    • Season 6
  • Question of

    When did Scott become a true alpha ?

    • When he broke through Jennifer’s forcefield
    • When he stopped the dread doctors
    • When he defeated Peter
    • When he destroyed the Oni in A Blind Rage