Who knows every tiny details of mcu superheroes

Marvel Cinematic Universe (mcu) based on the comics created by stan lee. Contains story of superheroes that how they saved others life even if their life is on stake and has many sequel on a particular hero about their origin and how they became super hero

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Let’s see how well you know about mcu!!!!

  • Who killed agent coulson?

    • Loki
    • Nick
    • Hulk
  • Which avenger saved whole Manhattan from a active nuclear missile?

    • Thor
    • Captain america
    • Nick fury
    • Iron man
  • What was the name of odin’s first child?

    • Thor
    • Loki
    • Helena
    • Hela
  • Where did loki send his father while he impersonated him back in asgard?

    • Iceland
    • Greenland
    • New york
    • Norway
  • Which of the avenger was half-paralyzed after the fight at airport in civil war?

    • Iron man
    • Captain america
    • Hawkeye
    • Rhodey
  • What was the agreement U. N. Forced avengers to sign?

    • Sokovia agreement
    • Sokovia welfare
    • Sokovia accords
    • Sokovia law
  • Who was responsible for the experiment that gave wanda and peitro their superpower?

    • Nick fury
    • Iron man
    • Steve Rogers
    • Strucker
  • Which of the Infinity Stones is embedded in Vision’s forehead?

    • Soul stone
    • Reality stone
    • Mind stone
    • Time stone
  • How does Peter end up getting a ride to Washington, D.C to track down Schultz?

    • Borrows tony stark’s stone
    • Rejoins his academic team
    • Takes train
    • By help of aunt may
  • What is the name of Scott Lang’s daughter in Ant-Man?

    • Hope
    • Erin
    • Carlie
    • Cassie