Test your knowledge in Marvel Movies. Can you answer all questions?

Marvel Cinematic Universe is one of the most popular studios. Marvel has a huge fan following and some are die-hard fans who don’t miss any tiny details in the movie. so I have created a quiz based on Marvel movies, test your skill here by answering the interesting questions.

  • Question of

    what is name of a character in Guardian of the galaxy vol.2 who have the ability to feel emotions?

    • frigga
    • valkyrie
    • nebula
    • mantis
  • Question of

    who killed frigga?

    • loki
    • Algrim
    • frost giants
    • surther
  • Question of

    why loki unleased the surther in the movie thor: ragnarok?

    • To destroy assgard
    • To make him free
    • To kill thor
    • To fight with hulk
  • Question of

    why hulk didn’t came out in Avenger’s infinity war?

    • Hulk was scared
    • hulk was tired of saving banner
    • hulk was injured
    • hulk was weak
  • Question of

    which armour tony called when he was in dungen in Iron man 3 movie?

    • Mark 50
    • Mark 43
    • Mark 40
    • Mark 42
  • Question of

    To whom Thor hand over the ether in the end of Thor: the dark world?

    • Scrapper
    • nova
    • odin
    • collector
  • Question of

    what is the captain America alias name?

    • Ronin
    • Nomad
    • Dark avenger
  • Question of

    From which stone wanda and quick silver got their powers?

    • Reality stone
    • Soul stone
    • Space stone
    • Mind stone
  • Question of

    Which AI is programmed in the Vision?

    • Veronica
    • Friday
    • Jarvis
    • Ultron
  • Question of

    where was tony during the call to Spiderman in spider-man homecoming?

    • New York
    • Norway
    • India
    • Queens