How Long Would You Survive In The Upside Down?

Welcome to the Upside Down – the home of demogorgons and other supernatural creatures! Take this quiz to see how long you would survive here.

  • Question of

    You wake up and realise you’ve ended up in the Upside Down. How do you react?

    • Scream and probably cry
    • Go back to sleep
    • Search for monsters to fight with!
    • Start to seek for a place to hide
  • Question of

    Oh look, there’s your favorite chocolate bar lying on the ground! What do you do?

    • Eat it, obviously
    • Take a small bite, regret it, and throw it away
    • Ignore it
    • Take it with you in case of emergency
  • Question of

    You hear footsteps but cannot see anything in the fog. What now?

    • Go hide in a bush next to you
    • Climb on a tree so you could see what’s happening
    • Start panicking and do nothing to hide yourself
    • Encounter whatever-it-is
  • Question of

    Oh look, it’s Will! What will you do now?

    • Start ~fangirling~
    • Go and greet him
    • But is it REALLY Will? Better stay out of his sight.
    • Fight him! It’s not Will!
  • Question of

    “Will” suddenly turns into some sort of scary creature. How will you react?

    • Keep hiding
    • Run away
    • Scream for help
    • Attack it with the nearest object around you
  • Question of

    A scream is heard and the creature disappears. You’re now all alone in the woods. Your next move?

    • Start to look for a way out
    • Keep hiding
    • Start to run after the creature
    • Overthink everything and panic even more
  • Question of

    You see a bag lying on the ground. What are you going to do?

    • Open it
    • Take it with you but not open yet
    • Throw it with a rock, and if nothing happens, open it
    • Not touch it at all – it could be toxic!
  • Question of

    You find a massive hole on the ground. You start to contemplate whether it’s a portal which brings you back home. Will you take the risk and jump?

    • Yes
    • No
    • After some thinking, you decide to jump
    • You drop a small rock to the hole and then jump after it