How acquainted are you with these epic Sitcom fails?

Perhaps what make Sitcoms Sitcoms are the epic fails be it Ross’s tan, Chandler’s awkward pauses or Ted’s goat fight. Let’s see how well do you remember these moments.

  • Question of

    What does Ross steal in his stay in Vermont with Chandler?

    • Raspberry Syrup
    • Doritos
    • Granola Bar
    • Maple Candies
  • Question of

    What was the name of the goat Ted gets into a fight with?

    • Erin
    • Bitsy
    • Missy
  • Question of

    What did Joey make Chandler say as a token of apology?

    • I am a wooden little boy.
    • I am Ms. Chanandler Bong
    • I am a pretty little girl.
    • I am hopeless, awkward and desperate for love.
  • Question of

    What was the name of Joey’s ex-girlfriend whose wooden leg he threw in fire?

    • Erica
    • Kathy
    • Leslie
    • Ginger
  • Question of

    How much money does Chandler give away to Joey while playing “Cups”?

    • 700$
    • 150$
    • 1400$
    • 1500$
  • Question of

    Where does Monica take Rachel’s trifle to eat?

    • Balcony
    • Bathroom
    • Dressing Room
    • Roof
  • Question of

    Which Song Ross sets on Joey and Chandler’s Answering machine?

    • Bohemian Rhapsody
    • We will Call you back
    • Lion sleeps Tonight
    • Morning’s here
  • Question of

    Whose Parents’ think Rachel as a hooker?

    • Mark
    • Joshua
    • Bobby
    • Mike
  • Question of

    How many Mississippi does Ross count while getting on the tan

    • Five
    • Three
    • Six
    • Two
  • Question of

    What was Rachel’s plane compartment as mentioned by her when she forgets her Passport?

    • 36D
    • 32D
    • 30B
    • 32C
  • Question of

    Who was Robot’s love in Barney’s play?

    • Refrigerator
    • Microwave Oven
    • Toaster Oven
    • Bluetooth Speaker
  • Question of

    In “the one where Ross’s fine”, What does Ross hold sizzling without the oven Mitts on?

    • Fajita
    • Lasagna
    • Pizza
    • Trifle
  • Question of

    What does Joey get to play in Al Pachino’s next?

    • His Butler
    • His Butt Double
    • His Stuntsman
    • His Friend
  • Question of

    In HIMYM, What does Ted’s students in university call him?

    • C-Man
    • M-Chan
    • T-Man
    • T-Dawg
  • Question of

    In” The Injury ” episode of The Office, what happens to Dwight after he rushes to rescue Michael?

    • Epileptic seizure
    • Foot burn
    • He has a concussion
    • None of the above