Can you guess all correct from Harry Potter?

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Hey friends! This time, Harry Potter is back with an exciting quiz! Show how carefully you have watched it. I’m pretty sure you can’t guess all correct. Can you?

  • Question of

    Name the second animal pictured in harry potter coat’s symbol.

    • Eagle
    • Snake
    • Lion
  • Question of

    Identify the the position which harry hold in Quid-ditch?

    • seeker
    • Chaser
    • Sweeper
  • Question of

    What is the number of Potter family vault number at Gringotts?

    • 550
    • 630
    • 687
  • Question of

    What does the pheonix denote in this popular Harry Potter movie?

    • Speed
    • Great eyesight
    • Rebirth
  • Question of

    Someone asked Harry to be careful by saying, “Books! And cleverness! There are more important things – friendship and bravery and – oh Harry – be careful!” Who said these words to him?

    • Hermonie
    • Ron
    • Snape
  • Question of

    Due to which reason does Mr. Dursley take his family to a shack in the out of nowhere?

    • for a long drive to relax
    • To escape the endless stream of mail addressed to Harry
    • To test survival skills of his hamily
  • Question of

    What does the sorcerer’s stone creates?

    • Genius potion
    • Immoraliy potion
  • Question of

    Guess among the following what is the street address of Harry’s uncle and aunt?

    • 4 privet drive
    • 100 main st
    • 29 murphy ave
  • Question of

    Did you notice the color that was on the icing on Harry’s birthday cake from Hagrid?

    • White
    • Blue
    • Pink
  • Question of

    How did trio manage to put Fluffy to sleep?

    • Play him music
    • Dance for him
    • Rub his pas
  • Question of

    Identify the one who was on Harry’s first “chocolate frog collector card”.

    • Newt Scamander
    • Albus dumberdor
    • Merlin

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