10 reasons why Hermione Granger is the best!

The Harry Potter universe had various characters with amazing personalities and specific traits that defined them all. Among all these characters the golden trio was the one that undoubtedly was everyone’s favorite. She taught us all how to be brave and to be the best version of ourselves. Be it 1997, when the first book came out or 2018, Hermione Granger will always be the epitome of the beauty with brains.

Here are those top 10 reasons why is the perfect role model for every girl!

  1. She taught us how important it is to find ways for oneself.
  2. Hermione Granger has always given out one message to all her fans, that one should only be dependant on oneself and not rely on anyone else. Even when Umbridge had tried to take over the entire control of the school and manipulate the students to run on the ideology of government, it was Hermione who came up with the idea of Harry Potter teaching them how to defend themselves. She is undeniably self-dependent and teaches us all to always find a way for ourselves.
  3. The heart-wrenching moment when she sacrificed her family to ensure their safety.Hermione Granger knew how her parents’ lives were in danger once the ministry had fallen. She did not hesitate to Obliviate the memory of her parents.She knew that once she did it she could never undo it and return back to her family. She was so concerned about the safety of her parents that she erased her entire existence from the lives of her family just to keep them safe. Isn’t that something which would require utmost bravery and strength?
  4. She could throw a mean punch!When Malfoy decided to be sarcastic and loof around, Hermione not only used the most creative words to describe Malfoy but also punched him straight when she was stopped by Ron to use any kind of spell. Her aim was perfect, targeting his nose directly with the perfect speed. Now, who wouldn’t be scared of a girl who could throw the perfect punch!
  5. She taught us what is important in life.Imagine being the smartest witch of the class.Wouldn’t one be arrogant and narcissistic, that when she had repetitively saved the lives of her friends? She could boast about being smart all the time, yet she was always humble and knew that being brave and having real friends is more important. She knew what was the real essence of life and made sure that people around her knew the same.
  6. She showed how important it is to be empathetic.Remember when Hermione stood for the elves in the school and started S.P.E.W known as Society for promotion for Elfish Welfare or when she expressed her disapproval when they broke into the Wizarding bank of Gringotts. This clearly reflected how she was empathetic and how is concerned even about the creatures around her. She did not approve any kind of cruel treatment towards any creature. While most of us hesitate to take a stand for the weak, she took a stand for wizarding creatures without any hesitation!
  7. That time when she made sure that a girl shouldn’t be taken lightly.In Order of Phoenix, when everyone taught that she would not be able to stand in front of a guy, she took down Ron at one go. In fact, even before Ron could raise his wand, Hermione stepped up and made sure he is out of the battling field. When it came to practice she did not see if her opponent was a friend or not. She proved that a girl is not to be taken lightly and can put you down in an instant!
  8. She taught us all how important reading is.Hermione read, she read and she read a lot! But mind you, it was her reading and the knowledge she attained from it, that saved the trio most of the time, be it at the devils’ snare or solving the mystery of philosopher’s stone or solving the mystery of the deathly hallows, Hermione proved it that reading to an extent can save lives! She broke all the stereotypes about voracious readers and taught us all important reading is!
  9.  She did not hesitate to show the reality to people.If Hermoine Granger was smart, she was also the queen of sass. In Chambers of Secrets, she did not hesitate to slap the harsh reality in the face of Malfoy whilst blatantly spilling out his ways of getting in the Quidditch team. While most of them did not even acknowledge the reality she just said it, that too right in front of the entire team.
  10. When she taught us how sarcasm is another of her best trait!When Hermione is known for her smartness, bravery, and knowledge, how could one miss her amusing sarcasm? When she is sarcastic, she is direct and her tone is dreaded even by the “boy who lived.” She is never hesitant and she can easily slay anyone with her words!
  11. She is the greatest witch of her century!Have you ever wondered how Hermione was called the Greatest witch of her century and how it is accurate? She cast the Confundus charm without a wand also not to forget without any issue! She did it in one go. She is a great witch not only because she can very easily cast spells without a wand but because she has multiple qualities that only a true heroine can have!