Which Hogwarts House will you be sorted into?

I bet every Harry Potter fan would have wondered in what house they would be in. While it would be cool to be classmates with Harry and Ron, it wouldn’t hurt to be powerful as Draco. Hufflepuff will teach you to play fair and kind; but Ravenclaw will make you wise and witty. Take this quiz to know which Hogwarts house you belong to.

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  • You haven’t completed your assignments. What do you tell your teacher?

    • I’ll lie that I lost my notebook
    • I’ll tell the truth despite getting punished
    • That’s not possible. I always complete my assignments on time
    • I will write the assignment in the previous class
  • How would you be liked to known as?

    • The popular kid
    • The nerdy kid
    • The friendly kid
    • The rude kid
  • When in school, what do you wish to learn and acquire?

    • Fame and power
    • Good friends
    • Creative arts
    • Individuality
  • You come to know that you have a surprise test. What do you do to pass the exam?

    • I secretly take notes to the exam hall
    • I have already studied the portions
    • I will try to learn the key points alone
    • I pay attention to lectures, so I can clear the exam
  • What co-curricular club do you prefer to join?

    • Literary
    • Sports
    • Cooking
    • Craft
  • What do you do if a person is getting bullied in the school corridor?

    • I will join the bullies and tease the person even more
    • I will fight the bullies
    • I’ll complain to the headmaster
    • I’ll go and help that person
  • The teacher catches you and your friend talking during the lecture. What do you do?

    • We will apologize
    • I will blame my friend and save myself
    • Both of us are sure to get punished
    • I never talk during classes
  • Do you apologize if you and your best friend fight?

    • Yes, I will. Friendship above all
    • Only if the mistake is mine
    • I won’t even if it’s my mistake
    • I will never fight with my friend
  • Pick your favorite color

    • Red
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Blue
  • Who is your favorite F.R.I.E.N.D.S character?

    • Monica
    • Rachel
    • Phoebe
    • Chandler
    • Joey
    • Ross