Batman Beyond: Do you know everything about Batman? Try to ace this quiz!

Batman Beyond still lingers in the minds of every Batman fan. Undoubtedly it was a benchmark that successfully created its mark. The 16-year-old Batman with futuristic gadgets, set in the futuristic city of Neo-Gotham was admired by one and all!

If you think you are a real fan of Batman Beyond, then take this quiz and find out if you really know all about it or not!

  • Question of

    What was the breed of the Batman’s guard dog,Ace?

    • German Shepherd
    • Pitbull
    • Giant Schnauzer
    • Great Dane
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    What is the name of the character taking over as Batman in Batman Beyond?

    • Terrence McGinnis
    • Matt McGinnis
  • Question of

    Which high school does Terry attend?

    • Hamilton High School
    • Stephen High School
    • Gotham High School
  • Question of

    Which character is based on the second Blockbuster?

    • Charlie “Big Time” Bigelow
    • Royal Flush Gang
    • Terminal
  • Question of

    Which of the following character is not a member of Brain Trust ?

    • False Face
    • Bombshell
    • Robert Vance
    • The Albino
  • Question of

    Barbara Gordon was former Batgirl.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    The characters of terrific trio are inspired from which superheroes?

    • Fantastic Four
    • X-Men
  • Question of

    Who was responsible for Warren McGinnis murder?

    • Mr. Fixx
    • Derek Powers
    • Paxton Powers
  • Question of

    Terry McGinnis becomes addicted to Spellbinder’s __________ technology.

    • Virtual Reality (VR)
    • Hypnotic
  • Question of

    The deadly Assassin Curare was hired to kill __________.

    • Gotham’s District Attorney
    • Gotham’s Police Commissioner.
  • Question of

    Who was the last surviving member of Society of Assassin besides Curare?

    • Assassin Leader
    • Mutro Botha
  • Question of

    Derek Powers turns into a radioactive villain known as ___________.

    • Blight
    • Shriek
  • Question of

    Willie Watt stole a mentally controlled robot called GoLeM.

    • True
    • False
  • Question of

    Walter Shreeve created a suit that could manipulate and generate destructive ______________.

    • Sound waves
    • Rays
    • Radioactive elements
  • Question of

    What hampers Inque’s ability to shapeshift?

    • Freezing temperatures
    • Boiling temperatures
    • Radioactive chemicals