10 Least Known Facts About the Riverdale Series

Riverdale is a drama series that is based on Archie Comics. It was released on January 26, 2017, and has released a total of 5 seasons currently. It has been a great hit and has a big fan following. Riverdale is a town full of mysteries and its characters revolving around those threats and solving them. Let’s have a look at some less-known facts about these series.

1. Cole Sprouse was called for a different character-

  • Originally, Cole Sprouse wasn’t chosen for the character of Jughead. He was called to act for Archie.
  • But he found himself more connected with Jughead. Also, the directors saw the perfect essence Sprouse brought in the character of Jughead.

2. KJ Apa actually has black hair-

  • Yes, you read that right. Archie is not a natural redhead. Girls do love him for his hair color, but he is a brunette.
  • He has to get his hair colored regularly which sometimes becomes difficult for him. To show this as a natural look, he also got his eyebrows dyed.

3. People mistook Pop’s Diner set as a real place-

  • Sounds funny, right? But it did happen that the famous Pop’s Diner set in the drama looked so real that hungry passersby stopped to grab a bite.
  • This was due to the position of the diner near an industrial area.

4. Archie broke his hand in real life-

  • At the end of the first season, Archie breaks the ice to save Cheryl from drowning.
  • But he got so engrossed in the character that he ended up cracking his hand.

5. Riverdale was meant to be a film-

  • Riverdale was originally meant to be a film but eventually, the idea was adapted into a television series.
  • Also, each episode of the drama is inspired by a certain movie.

6. Cheryl was terrified of water bodies-

  • Madeline Petsch who played Cheryl was terrified of water. This made it difficult to shoot certain scenes around water.
  • She was in an accident when her boat broke down. She had an anxiety attack before shooting but was okay once she started shooting.


7. Lipstick of female characters depicted their nature-

  • Lipsticks were used to portray the nature of female lead characters.
  • Cheryl’s red lipstick showed her bold and confident nature who was not afraid of anything.
  • Betty used to wear light shades of pink color that reflected her soft nature. But to reveal her dark side, she used to wear dark lipstick.
  • Veronica’s lipstick of brown and purple shades revealed her dark character.

8. KJ Apa fakes American accent-

  • KJ Apa is from New Zealand because of which he has to learn and fake the American accent. He finds it difficult to pronounce certain words like girlfriend and burger.
  • Though it doesn’t seem so in the drama, he practiced a lot to speak perfectly in an American accent.

9. Madelaine Petsch wasn’t going to audition for Cheryl-

  • Madelaine was called to act for Betty. But the producers were secretly testing her for the role of Cheryl which was not revealed yet to anyone.
  • After she auditioned, directors found her perfect for the role.

10. Jason was murdered by several people-

  • The ending to the first season was shot multiple times with different murder scenes of Jason.
  • This was to avoid spilling the fact of who actually killed Jason.

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