You can’t score more than 50% in this Riverdale quiz! Can You?

Hey everyone! We are back with a new and interesting Riverdale quiz. Try out this quiz and prove whether you can score more than 50% or not. I bet you can’t. Let’s play!

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    In season 3 of Riverdale, who had punched Hiram after the hearing of court session?

    • Archie’s Dad
    • Archie’s Mom
    • Veronica
  • Question of

    Why did the town meeting held which was hosted by Mayor Sierra?

    • to disband Red circle
    • to attack town hall
    • to discuss action against Black Hood
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    After the final hearing of court, what did Archie and his gang drink together while discussing about the gun that Andre used to kill Cassidy?

    • Cold Coffee
    • Milkshakes
    • Taquila Shots
  • Question of

    Which of these title is related to Riverdale season 2?

    • The sweet hereafter
    • A kiss before dying
    • The great escape
  • Question of

    In this image why did Veronica is arguing with her dad?

    • She was asking him to spend time with her and Archie
    • She was discussing to find out new ways to deceit Archie
    • She was begging her dad to help Archie
  • Question of

    How much time did F.P. spend in prison?

    • 30 Years
    • 20 Years
    • 10 Years
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    In season 3, on the Labor Day, what did Archie get designed on her right arm?

    • a serpent tattoo
    • a scorpion tattoo
    • a demon tattoo
  • Question of

    What was jingle jangle?

    • new drug to riverdale
    • blackhood
    • the name of diner
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    What did Cheryl use to shoot a goolie to save Jughead and the dog?

    • A revolver
    • A bow with arrow
    • A sword
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    Who had missed his wallet while searching Veronica?

    • Cheryl
    • Archie
    • Pop