Who Is Your B.F.F. From Gossip Girl? Answer These Questions And We’ll Tell You!

Gossip Girl is all about love, relationships, betrayals and friendships. Throughout the series, we’ve loved and hated almost all of the characters at some point or another but what still makes us excited when we think of the Upper East Siders and the Brooklyn people is the friendship that they had!

Won’t you love to have someone who cared as much Blair did for Serena? Don’t you wish you had someone like Chuck for all the times you’re in a bad place like Nate?

Well, let’s find out then who would be your B.F.F. from the show!  XOXO

  • Question of

    Where do you and your best friend hang out most of the time?

    • School/ College
    • We come to either of our houses and spend quality time!
    • We go to the coffee shops and movies together!
    • We always do almost everything together!
    • We live together. My best friend is also my roommate!
    • My best friend and I live in different cities. We can rarely hang out.
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    Pick a profession that your best friend is most likely to be in!

    • Fashion Designing
    • Writing
    • Modeling
    • Journalism
    • Business involving real estate
    • Fashion Enterpreneurship
  • Question of

    Pick a book to read!

    • Love in the time of Cholera
    • The kite runner
    • Harry Potter Books
    • 1984
    • Any non-fiction book.
    • I’d rather watch a movie
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    Pick a movie to watch with your best friend!

    • La La Land
    • The Danish Girl
    • Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind
    • The Theory Of Everything
    • The Shawshank Redemption
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    Pick a series to binge watch with your best friend!

    • Black Mirror
    • Suits
    • The Office
    • House of Cards
    • Grey’s Anatomy
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    What do you think about dating your best friend’s ex-boyfriend/girlfriend?

    • I think it’s totally out of bounds!
    • If my best friend is okay with it, I am up for it!
    • I hate him/her because he/she broke my best friend’s heart!
    • Anybody could date whoever they want! My best friend would want me to be happy!
    • I think it’s totally cool but my best friend will always be my top priority!
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    How do you cheer your best friend up when they are sad?

    • I cook them delicious food!
    • I gift them clothes and chocolates!
    • I ask them to talk about what’s bothering them over a drink.
    • I just distract them by talking about other stuff!
    • I give them space and tell them that I will be there whenever they need me.
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    What is the best quality in your best friend?

    • My best friend is very straightforward!
    • My BFF is very affectionate!
    • My bestie understands me too well!
    • My best friend is very forgiving!
    • My best friend is very responsible!
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    Why did you fight with your B.F.F. the last time?

    • It was just a misunderstanding!
    • I made a mistake.
    • My BFF lied to me about something!
    • My best friend and I never fight!
    • It’s not a big deal. We will always have each other at the end of the day!
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    Who among these are your favorites?

    • Yes
    • No
    • h