Which Margot Robbie Character Are You?

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Beauty was always one of Margot Robbie’s assets. Born with crystal blue eyes and model good looks, the Australian-born actress rose to prominence with roles that highlighted her physical beauty, such as Donna Freedman in the long-running soap opera ‘Neighbours’.

It only took two years after an eyebrow-raising entrance in The Wolf of Wall Street for Margot Robbie to become a big-enough known entity to cameo in movies as herself, like she did in 2015’s The Big Short. And by 2018, she was an Oscar-nominated actress thanks to I, Tonya.

One film you may not have realized Robbie appeared in was 2013’s hit romance About Time. The movie was released a few months before The Wolf of Wall Street . The reason you may have missed Robbie is that she only has a small featured role throughout the movie. See if you can spot her in the trailer below.

Now, it’s time to find out which Margot Robbie Character perfectly suits your personality.
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    Which decade do you wish you were living in?

    • 60s
    • 70s
    • 80s
    • 90s
  • Question of

    Pick a city

    • Portland
    • LA
    • New York
    • Detroit
  • Question of

    What’s your favourite food?

    • Turkey Sandwich
    • Bacon and Eggs
    • Popcorn
    • Prawns
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    Your go-to drink?

    • Sparkling water
    • Champagne
    • Virgin Mojito
    • Dry Martini
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    Pick a holiday

    • Christmas
    • New Year’s
    • Easter
    • Halloween
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    Pick a school subject

    • P.E.
    • Drama
    • French
    • Society and culture
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    What would be your ideal date be like?

    • Ice skating
    • Romantic Dinner
    • Movie
    • Drinking at local bar