How Well Do You Know Barney Stinson?

The portrayal of Barney Stinson from the popular comedy show “How I Met Your Mother” remains as one of the legendary performances of our very own Neil Patrick Harris. From his weird methods to pick up girls to the one whom Robin actually agreed to marry, the character remains favorite among the show’s fans till date.  So, do you consider yourself as his biggest fan? Answer these ten questions to find out.

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    Which one of the following is a nickname of Barney?

    • Big fudge
    • Swarley
    • Chewbacca
    • Doctor X
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    Which one of the following skills has Barney mastered since his childhood?

    • Weaving
    • Magic
    • Story telling
    • Running
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    What is the one thing that sets James apart from his brother Barney?

    • He is a black gay man
    • He is from Canada
    • He is fat and ugly
    • He is an Indian guy
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    Barney’s mother claims that this famous TV host is his father. Who is it?

    • Bob Barker
    • Jay Leno
    • Larry King
    • Johny Carson
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    According to Barney, in which year did Barney’s relative Baranabus Stinson wrote the legendary book “The Bro Code”?

    • 1777
    • 1884
    • 1774
    • 1776
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    What is the name of Barney’s fake son?

    • Chris
    • Tyler
    • Phil
    • Jake
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    Which band has Barney pretended to be a member of to pick up women?

    • Journey
    • Cheap Trick
    • PINK
    • Whitesnake
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    Which one of the following has been used as a pet by Barney to get girls in his apartment?

    • A white boa
    • A kitten
    • A puppy
    • A teacup pig
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    Which movie inspired Barney to pick up women acting as a corpse?

    • Die hard
    • Weekend at Bernie’s
    • Warm Bodies
    • Night of the Living Dead
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    At what age does Barney loose his virginity to one of his mom’s friends?

    • 23
    • 21
    • 19
    • 16