Can you crack this hard “FRIENDS” quiz?

Only a true “FRIENDS” fan can get 10/10 in this quiz. try it now and let us know what your score is!

  • Question of

    When Joey’s insurance lapses, Chandler’s words of comfort are “I’m sorry, there’s never a good time to stop_____________.”

    • Getting hit on the Head
    • Catching on Fire
    • Getting hit by a Bus
    • Falling Down the Stairs
  • Question of

    How many states does Joey think there are?

    • 42
    • 53
    • 37
    • 56
  • Question of

    Will’s two greatest enemies are Rachel Green and__________.

    • Complex Carbohydrates
    • Mrs. Altman
    • Fast food
    • Sour Cream
  • Question of

    What is Joey’s code word for danger?

    • Bagel
    • Bert
    • Sandwich
    • Pizza
  • Question of

    In the parking lot of what fast food establishment was Chandler caught masturbating?

    • Taco Bell
    • Subway
    • Wendy’s
    • KFC
  • Question of

    What doesn’t Ross bring along for their night out with Gandolf?

    • Fresh Socks
    • Atlas
    • Passport
    • Snake Bite Kit
  • Question of

    What is Chandler bings job (first job before marketing in Tulsa)?

    • Transponster
    • Statistical analysis and data reconfiguration
    • accounting
    • Marketing
  • Question of

    The name of Chandler’s colleague in Tulsa that hits on him?

    • Kate
    • Sally
    • Wendy
    • Laura
  • Question of

    What colour is the ottoman in monicas apartment?

    • Purple
    • Blue
    • white
    • Green
  • Question of

    What Food Do Ross And Rachel Share In The Pilot Episode?

    • An Oatmeal Raisin Cookie
    • A Pop Tart
    • An Oreo
    • Chocolate Chip Cookie