Can you Ace this Insanely hard Riverdale trivia!

Riverdale is a teenage drama involving interesting twists and turns a bunch of teenagers face. Staring one of the finest actors in town, it is full of drama and suspense. The plot of riverdale is not only involving teenagers but even their parents in a game called Gryfins and Gargoyles where their lives have come to stake and a bunch of school going kids are trying to solve the mystery. Let’s check how many twists and turns you can unfurl of Riverdale!!

  • Question of

    Who gets hurt at the end of first season?

    • Fred Andrews
    • Veronica lodge
    • Alice cooper
    • F. P Jones
  • Question of

    What did Cheryl do with her house?

    • Move out
    • Set it on fire
    • Give it to the coopers
    • Sell it without her mother’s permission
  • Question of

    Alice reveals a secret about her life about her past. What was that secret?

    • Her firstborn child was a son she gave up for adoption
    • Betty isn’t hal’s daughter
    • She was in a jail for five years for dealing drugs
    • Jughead is her son
  • Question of

    Who was responsible for Jason’s blossoms demise?

    • Fred Andrews
    • His father
    • His mother
    • Hiram lodge
  • Question of

    What is the reason behind the Blossom and Cooper family feud?

    • The cooper betrayed the north side for the Southside
    • The blossom threatened Betty and Polly when they were babies
    • They are all blossoms
    • The blossoms stole the coopers land
  • Question of

    Cheryl had almost lost her life. What had happened to her?

    • Fell through ice
    • Got into fight with a serant
    • Her mother locked her up
    • Attacked by the black hood
  • Question of

    Why is Jughead forced to transfer schools?

    • He expelled from Riverdale
    • He was put into foster home on the Southside
    • He becomes a serpent
    • The north side school was too crowded
  • Question of

    What business does cooper family run?

    • Town newspaper
    • Jewelry store
    • Shoe repair shop
    • Construction company
  • Question of

    Whose mother had past personal afflictions with the serpents?

    • Veronica’s
    • Archie’s
    • Valerie’s
    • Betty’s
  • Question of

    Where was the baby shower of host Polly attended?

    • Cooper residence
    • The Pembroke
    • Thornhill mansion
    • Pop’s chock ‘lit Shoppe