Top 10 Reasons Why Chandler Bing Is The Perfect Boyfriend

#6 Chandler and Thanksgiving miracle!

When he went looking for Clunkers, even though he was scared so much because Monica loved dogs. Thanksgiving miracle, probably!

#7 World’s Best Worst Massage?

When he convinced Monica that she gave the ‘World’s Best Worst Massages’. That Title, though!

#8 Well, she isn’t as heavy as she used to be, but still!

When he gave Monica a piggyback ride. Awww.

#9 Chandler and “HIS Dance Moves”

When he took dancing lessons as a wedding gift for Monica. Better than his earlier dance styles!

#10 Even Parallel Universes couldn’t hinder their love!

When Chandler hooked up with Monica, even in the one that could have been. Even in parallel universe, they got together!

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