Which character from F.R.I.E.N.D.S will be your Valentine?

We’ve all loved every character in FRIENDS and would love to date someone like Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Ross, Phoebe and Joey. A boyfriend like Chandler will make you laugh while someone like Ross will care for you. A girlfriend with Rachel’s looks, Monica’s passion and Phoebe’s zeal would be a dream date. Take this quiz to know which FRIENDS character will be your Valentine this year?

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    What type of a person would you date?

    • Smart and pretty
    • Sweet, funny and settled
    • Someone who is lovable and looking for a meaningful relationship
    • Good-looking, caring and sensual
    • Smart, Passionate and Lovable
    • Someone who is eccentric, free-spirited and humorous
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    What would be your Valentine gift for your beloved?

    • A mixtape of all romantic love songs
    • Expensive ring
    • One full day at a romantic spa
    • A fancy dinner at a luxurious restaurant
    • Flowers, chocolates and a bottle of wine
    • A handwritten romantic poem
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    How would you want your date to be dressed for the Valentine’s eve?

    • Something seductive
    • Anything that is comfortable
    • A dress that will make him/her look pretty and erotic
    • Attire doesn’t even matter
    • Something cool and stylish
    • Something classy and smart
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    Which movie reflects your love life?

    • When Harry Met Sally
    • Say Anything
    • Love Me If You Dare
    • Just Married
    • Along Came Polly
    • Love & Other Drugs
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    Your boyfriend/girlfriend has to work late night on Valentine’s day. How would you react?

    • I’ll understand the situation and we shall celebrate later
    • I’ll feel bad but these things happen
    • Every day with my love is Valentine’s day
    • Oh, What the hell !! This was supposed to be the perfect day
    • I’ll go and visit him/her and we’ll celebrate our Valentine somewhere nearby
    • That’s okay
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    How would you describe yourself on a dating website?

    • I am sweet, attractive and looking for someone who shall love me forever
    • Let’s hang out and chill
    • I am rich and good-looking. My picture says it all
    • How about just a fling and that’s it !
    • I have a Masters Degree and currently working in a reputed firm. I am looking forward to settle down with a person who is witty and loving
    • I am desperate for love
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    What quality in your beloved annoys you?

    • Nah, he/she is perfect.
    • Being moronic at times
    • Not being a funny bone
    • Always talking about the future
    • Commitment insecurities
    • Too much of liveliness
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    When did you start planning the Valentine’s Day Celebration?

    • Two months back
    • A month ago
    • 20 day back
    • 5 days back
    • Yesterday
    • I needn’t plan anything. I know how to work it out.
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    You are going to a singles party with your friend with the hope of finding love. Who is the first person you would notice?

    • The one who is making everyone laugh
    • The one with some cheesy moves on the dance floor
    • The nervous person near the bar
    • The one who is entertaining everyone with weird converstaions
    • The socially outward extrovert who is single and ready to mingle
    • The hot guy/gal whom everyone is noticing
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    Which day of the Valentine Week is your favorite?

    • Hug day
    • Kiss day
    • Propose day
    • Promise day
    • Teddy day
    • Rose Day