Titans are back!

Dare to take the challenge and score high if you think you are a true fan of Titans….Time starts now!

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  • Who has been drugged and abducted?

    • Rachel
    • Dick
    • Kory
    • In Vienna, who had no memory of her identity?
  • In Vienna, who had no memory of her identity?

    • Rachel
    • Dick
    • Kory
  • Who was the gangster?

    • Konstantin
    • Rachel
    • Dick
  • Who had been transformed into a green skinned human body?

    • green cheetah
    • green tiger
    • green lion
  • Who was Dick’s new partner?

    • Amy
    • Hawk
    • Dove
  • Who was Amy Rohrbach?

    • gangster
    • Lawyer
    • Detective
  • Whose murder did Rachel Roth had followed ?

    • Mother’s
    • Father’s
    • Brother’s
  • What did Dick recall?

    • his house has been sold
    • his parents’ death was not an accident
    • he has no more fiery powers
  • Who had locked themselves in the basement?

    • Brothers
    • Friends
    • Sisters
  • Do you know what was the reason of the death of Garfield Logan?

    • Lack of oxygen
    • Cancer
    • injection of green liquid