This Quiz Will Tell You Which Marvel Villain You Are!

The Marvel movies have a huge global fan base and consistently do well at the box office and among critics. But if the Marvel Cinematic Universe has a weakness, it is its villains. They aren’t really intriguing or good. And given how many movies they’ve produced so far, it’s kind of a running joke that Marvel’s villains aren’t all that interesting. Naturally, they make up for it in the protagonist area, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to build an interesting villain for a Marvel movie. They’ve really gotten close a couple times, and there is unquestionably one outstanding Marvel movie villain.

I have wondered many times about which Marvel villain I will be if i were one. If you have as well then take this quiz to put a stop to your curiosity.

  • Question of

    How do you best describe your nature?

    • Introvert
    • Ambivert
    • Extrovert
  • Question of

    Pick your habitat

    • Space
    • Ragnarok
    • Earth
  • Question of

    Your fatal flaw is-

    • Your insecurities
    • You are physically weak
    • You are too reliant
  • Question of

    The best thing about you is that-

    • You are ambitious
    • You are really smart
    • You are independent
  • Question of

    Choose a color

    • Purple
    • Red
    • Green
  • Question of

    Pick an ability

    • Strength
    • Stamina
    • Speed
  • Question of

    Choose a strength

    • Control energy
    • God- like magic
    • Constant upgrades