This is Master Of None. What about you?

Are you really a master of the “Master Of None”?

  • Question of

    Name the movie in which Dev and his friend Brian has given auditions. Can you guess?

    • The Sickening
    • The bull and bear
    • The Prank
  • Question of

    Why did their parents sacrifice everything?

    • To move to America
    • To show their love towards their child
    • To become a monk
  • Question of

    Dev got an email from a producer saying they can cast only one Indian and includes a racist remark. Before that, for which sitcom has he given his audition?

    • Break the show
    • BFFs style
    • 3 Buddies
  • Question of

    At which condition, Rachel was ready to fly Nashville with Dev?

    • She wants to spend a little time with her mother
    • She wants to attend her niece’s recital
    • She wants to take care of her pet.
  • Question of

    Rachel learns that a work promotion would require her to move to Chicago for_______

    • 6 months
    • 1 month
    • 12 months
  • Question of

    After leaving His passion of being a successful actor, what big turn has taken place in Dev’s life?

    • He went to Italy to study study pasta-making at culinary school.
    • He went to New York again and settle their with his new job
    • He went to Italy to take his next move towards film Industry.
  • Question of

    Who were Indian Fetish according to Dev?

    • Indian people who only date non-Indian.
    • non-Indian people who only date Indians
    • Non-Indian people who only date with their caste or race.
  • Question of

    The network of Clash of the Cupcakes contract wants to lock Dev down for which season?

    • Seventh
    • Sixth
    • Fifth
  • Question of

    There is another show in this TV series, named as BFF, for which Dev is pitched to do. What does BFF stands for?

    • Best friends forever
    • Best facebook friends
    • Best food friends
  • Question of

    What did Francesca confess with her fiance Pino?

    • That she does not wish to leave New York
    • That she does not wish to go with Brian.
    • That she does not wish to get married throughout her life.