The Vampire Diaries – Where it all begins

Now Elena has become a Vampire, but she hasn’t completed his transition because Stefan says that Bonnie will find some way out of his fate. Later Lizz Forbes and Mrs.Lockwood have been turned down by the Council, as the after-effects of the dead Alaric Saltzman. They attacked & caught Rebekah, Caroline, and Stefan along with Elena. But Caroline was rescued in the middle of the way by Taylor (Klaus). In the meantime, Elena realizes that she has to pass through this terrible transition. Later, Bonnie pays a steep price for trying to change Elena’s fate and Klaus’s body with Taylor. More then, Damon frustrated and ragefully reached there along with Matt and rescues everybody. Next day they came to know that the Security Council was blown up yesterday night.

  • Question of

    Who plays Stefan Salvatore?

    • Steven R. McQueen
    • Joseph Morgan
    • Ian Somerhalder
    • Paul Wesley
  • Question of

    What is Bonnie’s surname?

    • Bennett
    • Fischer
    • Gilbert
    • Salvatore
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    What is the name of the college at which Professor Shane worked?

    • Bramner College
    • Troughton College
    • Whitmore College
    • Tanmore College
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    What is the name of the hospital volunteer who kissed Elena during the season 6 episode “Welcome to Paradise”?

    • Barry
    • Liam
    • Jesse
    • Jacob
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    What character killed Gloria, the witch?

    • Elena
    • Caroline
    • Pearl
    • Katherine
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    Which two TVD stars previously worked together on another fantasy series, “H2O: Just Add Water”?

    • David Gallagher & Kayla Ewell
    • Phoebe Tonkin & Claire Holt
    • Nina Dobrev & Malese Jow
    • Torrey DeVitto & David Anders
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    What is the last name of the Original’s?

    • Mikaelson
    • Bernard
    • Giuseppe
    • Salvatore
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    What is Katherine’s surname?

    • Clarke
    • Needham
    • Pierce
    • Carter
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    Who coughs up blood during the season 5 episode “While You Were Sleeping”?

    • Elena
    • Bonnie
    • Tyler
    • Matt
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    Who does Tyler kill that activates his werewolf curse in 2×07 – Masquerade?

    • Matt
    • Jeremy
    • Mason
    • Sarah