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Elena wakes in the house, and suddenly she hears a noise from the kitchen. It was John, who was being stabbed by Katherine. She immediately calls on 911 for help. They took John to the hospital. She went to check Jeremy and found him unconscious. She calls Stefan to check him if he is a vampire or not as he has taken pills to die along with Anna’s blood in his body. But it heals him up, instead of making him a vampire. Elena goes to the hospital to talk to bonnie that if she could do a spell or something. Damon shows his interest to heal Caroline with his blood. Elena told him to do that, and Damon tries to talk about the kiss. Elena has no idea about it.

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    Who said to Damon: “You’re so afraid of losing me that you’ve convinced yourself you can endure a human life.”?

    • Bonnie
    • Stefan
    • Lily
    • Elena
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    What supernatural being is Bonnie?

    • Witch
    • Werewolf
    • Vampire
    • Succubus
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    Who was the anchor on the other side during season 5?

    • Alaric
    • Bonnie
    • Jo
    • Elena
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    Where do Elena & Alaric go to find Stefan?

    • Georgia
    • Utah
    • Tennessee
    • Virginia
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    Who is Nadia Petrova?

    • Katherine’s sister
    • Katherine’s doppelganger
    • Katherine’s mother
    • Katherine’s daughter
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    What color dress did Elena wear in the Miss Mystic Falls competition?

    • Black
    • Red
    • Blue
    • Yellow
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    Which one of these characters is Elena’s doppelganger in the series?

    • Hayley
    • Katherine
    • Qetsiyah
    • Caroline
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    What is the name of Jo’s brother?

    • Matt
    • Kai
    • Jeremy
    • Stefan
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    Stefan Salvatore is played by which actor?

    • Joseph Morgan
    • Paul Wesley
    • Steven R. McQueen
    • Ian Somerhalder
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    How did Emily Bennett die?

    • Poisoned
    • Burned at the stake
    • Drowned
    • Buried alive