Chandler and his sarcastic comments are evergreen and so is our love for him. Take this quiz about Chandler Bing and see how much do you really know our Bing-A-Ling! 😉

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    What was the name of Chandler’s parents?

    • Jack and Judy Bing
    • Jack and Nora Bing
    • Charles and Nora Tyler Bing
    • Charles and Judy Tyler Bing
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    What name did Chandler’s father use when he performed?

    • Helena Handbasket
    • Rebecca Benzin
    • Kate Murriel
    • Emily Geller
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    How many children did Chandler’s parents have?

    • Two
    • Three
    • Six sisters and Chandler
    • One
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    Finish the sentence- “I’m not great at the advise. Can I interest you in a _______?”

    • Foolish joke
    • Warm hug
    • Sarcastic comment
    • Dinosaur fact
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    What address did Chandler give to Janice when he said he is moving to Yemen?

    • Algerian Street, Yemen
    • 15 Yemen Street, Yemen
    • 14 Yemen Road, Yemen
    • 15 Yemen Road, Yemen
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    What is Chandler’s middle name?

    • Maurice
    • Muriel
    • Leigh
    • Kopper
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    Which of the characters accidentally cut off the tip of Chandler’s pinky toe?

    • Monica
    • Joey
    • Ross
    • Phoebe
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    At which age did Chandler first touch a girl’s breast?

    • 20 y/o
    • 16 y/o
    • 17 y/o
    • 19 y/o
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    What was the name of Chandler’s roommate before Joey?

    • Ross
    • Kip
    • Kirk
    • Roger
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    Who was the first person to find out about Chandler and Monica?

    • Ross
    • Phoebe
    • Rachel
    • Joey

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