Take this dare and get haunted with “Haunting of hill house”

Presenting a haunted for you. Get started and score high. All the best!

  • Question of

    Whose childhood experience is shown in this autobiographical novel?

    • Steven Crain
    • Steve smith
    • Eric Lara
  • Question of

    Who has committted suicide in the hill house?

    • Theo
    • Luke
    • Nell
  • Question of

    What did Shirley encounter nearby mansion?

    • a box of kittens
    • a box of puppies
    • a box of jewellery
  • Question of

    What was the profession of Theo when he become adult?

    • a psychologist
    • a child therapist
    • a physiotherapist
  • Question of

    Where did that hidden door lead?

    • towards the basement
    • towards a secret wall
    • towards the outside window
  • Question of

    Why was Luke frustrated?

    • because no one wants him
    • because no one took him at party
    • because no one believes him
  • Question of

    In present, what does Crains share at the funeral home?

    • The memories of Theo
    • The memories of Nell
    • The memories of Steven
  • Question of

    During funeral, what did Hugh try to do?

    • reconnect with his children
    • talk with his parents
    • reveal the truth to all
  • Question of

    Why did Shirley and Theo stay at the funeral parlor?

    • to keep watch on Steve
    • to keep watch on Luke
    • to keep watch on Dude
  • Question of

    What notification did Shirley get regarding Luke after his disappearance?

    • using the credit card for gas
    • using the credit card for recharge
    • using the credit card for transfer payment