Take the tour to heaven with “The Good Place”

Love drama? Take this challenge of amazing drama TV series and experience with exciting quiz.

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  • Can you identity who is the Architect as well as the first incharge of this town?

    • Michael
    • Eleanor
    • Sanson
  • You are aware about the name of this comedy drama series “The Good Place”. Do you know what is actually “The Good Place” in this series?

    • A city in heaven after life
    • A village in heaven after life
    • A town in heaven after life
  • What character did Harper play in “The Good Place”?

    • Chidi
    • No
    • Eleanor
    • Michael
  • Can you identity who is the main focus point of this comedy tv series?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Eleanor
    • Sanson
    • Sanson
  • Before her death, what was the profession of Eleanor?

    • A Saleswoman
    • A Model
    • A financial officer
  • Why was Eleanor Hiding her actual behavior after visiting “The Good Place”?

    • Because she was acting as a Secret Detective.
    • Because she was there to find her soulmate.
    • Because she was there by mistake and having bad behavior.
  • How does the structure of “The Good Place” look like?

    • Utopia
    • Switzerland
    • Disneyland
  • A wealthy Philanthropist, Tahani Al-Jamil, has travelled extensively around the world. Do you know what is the meaning of her name?

    • Congratulations beautiful!
    • Superb vision!
    • Born to bring newness
  • Whom do you think as the main source of information for his neighbors?

    • Michael
    • Eleanor
    • Janet
  • Why did Michael call his boss Shawn?

    • To decide whom should be the next incharge.
    • To decide Eleanor’s fate
    • To decide the new structure of “The Good Place”