Binging on the all-new season of Stranger Things? Take this quiz to find out how much you know about the strangest of things.

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    What does Dustin show off to his friends after returning from the camp?

    • An iPod
    • A ham radio
    • New shoes
    • A new phone
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    Who is dragged in the Upside Down in the second episode of this season?

    • Will
    • Mike
    • Ted
    • Billy
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    Who spots the chaos at the mall from the hill-top?

    • Steve
    • Susie
    • Lucas
    • Joyce
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    What is the colour of the liquid discovered in the basement of the mall when Dustin, Robin, Steve and Erica land there in the fifth episode?

    • Blue
    • Pink
    • Green
    • Orange
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    Who takes Billy’s mind out of the Flayer’s control in the finale?

    • El
    • Nancy
    • Karen
    • Jonathan
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    Which place’s portal were the Russians trying to reopen?

    • Starcourt Mall
    • Hawkins Police Station
    • Upside Down
    • Hawkins High School
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    Where do Hopper, Joyce and Murray interrogate Alexei?

    • Indiana
    • Riverdale
    • Hawkins
    • Illinois
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    What did Nancy and Jonathan find Mrs. Driscoll doing?

    • Drinking rat poison
    • Dancing weirdly
    • Eating fertilizer
    • Talking to herself