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    When  a past betrayal unexpectedly comes to light, where did Veronica find herself and with whom?

    • at a crossroads with Hiram and Hermione
    • in the hotel with Hiram
    • at the beach with Hiram and Fred
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    To whom with Jughead is befriended at Southside high?

    • Southside birds
    • Southside serpent
    • Southside girl named Sacha
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    What did Mayor McCoy do to deal with the growing chaos in Riverdale?

    • called an emergency town hall meeting
    • decide to shoot the gunman himself
    • made Veronica the incharge of Riverdale
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    There was a guy who published a fiery piece in the Riverdale Register blasting the Southside. Did you notice who was he?

    • Fred
    • Veronica
    • Alice
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    Who was the Veronica’s old friend?

    • Alice
    • Nick St. Clair
    • Jugfred
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    What help did Hiram and Hermione take from ally ?

    • to get back to their town safely
    • to take all matter in his hands
    • to get some potential investors on board
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    Who tried to put a stop to a dangerous alliance?

    • Jughead and Archie
    • Jughead and Veronica
    • Veronica and Hiram
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    For how much time did Black Hood challenge the town’s residents to remain sinless?

    • 24 hours
    • 48 hours
    • 72 hours
  • Question of

    Why did Jughead and Betty throw a welcome home party for FP?

    • to ease him back into his former life
    • to celebrate his birthday on the same day
    • to divert his mind towards his old friends
  • Question of

    Why did Betty take Kevin’s help?

    • to know all about Veronica
    • to go for the launch of musical show
    • to figure out what Chic was hiding