Insane Vampire Diaries Quiz: Can you score more than 60% in this quiz?

Dare to take this toughest challenge to clear this quiz of Vampire Diaries. I bet you can’t score more than 60% in this mind-boggling quiz. And if you do,you’re insane. GOOD LUCK!

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    What witch has been resurrected several times on the show?

    • Carla
    • Bonnie
    • Caroline
    • Elena
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    What is the name of the local hangout spot of Mystic Falls?

    • “The Grill”
    • “The Hut”
    • “The Squeeze”
    • “The Pit”
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    What weapon had the ability to kill an original vampire?

    • Wood Bullets
    • White Oak Stake
    • Steel dagger
    • Glass stake
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    Where was the pilot episode of the show filmed?

    • Virginia
    • Georgia
    • Washington
    • British Columbia
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    Which character on the show is a witch?

    • Jeremy
    • Matt
    • Caroline
    • Bonnie
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    Name the ‘Vampire Diaries’ spin-off show.

    • The Mikaelson Diaries
    • Blood Ties
    • The Strain
    • The Originals
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    Who else carries the lycanthropic gene in the Lockwood family, other than Tyler?

    • His Brother
    • His Late Father
    • His Uncle Mason
    • His Mother
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    Whose life is Elena’s tied to in the Season 6 finale?

    • Damon
    • Stefan
    • Caroline
    • Bonnie
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    Of the choices below, which was NOT one that Elijah revealed to Elena in episode 19, “Klaus”?

    • Klaus was a hybrid, part vampire and part werewolf
    • He and Klaus were brothers
    • Klaus was the father of Katerina’s long lost baby
    • The Sun and Moon curse was a lie
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    In 1994, why did Kai *not* murder his twin sister Jo after murdering most of his other siblings?

    • He needed to merge with Jo to retrieve all of her powers
    • She managed to escape him
    • He loved Jo the most so he spared her
    • She persuaded him not to kill her