Cameron Diaz

How Well Do You Know ‘Cameron Diaz’? Take The Quiz To Know

A tall, strikingly attractive blue-eyed natural blonde, Cameron Diaz was born in 1972 in California. Self described as “adventurous, independent and a tough kid,” Cameron left home at 16. And for the next 5 years lived in such varied locales as Japan, Australia, Mexico, Morocco, and Paris. Returning to California at the age of 21, she was working as a model when she auditioned for a big part in The Mask. She was chosen by Empire magazine as one of the ‘ 100 Sexiest Stars’ in film history. Moreover, she was chosen by People Magazine as one of the ‘ 50 Most Beautiful’ people in the world. Also, she was named #11 on the Maxim magazine ‘Hot 100’  of 2005 list. And many more, this list goes on.

To her amazement and despite having no previous acting experience, she was cast as the female lead in the film opposite Jim Carrey. Over the next 3 years, she honed her acting skills in such low budget independent films as The Last Supper ; Feeling Minnesota  and Head Above Water . She returned to main stream films in My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997), in which she held her own against veteran actress Julia Roberts. Finally, she earned full fledged star status in 1998 for her performance in the box office smash There’s Something About Mary (1998). Her struggle speaks. No doubt, she’s one of the most hardworking actresses Hollywood can have.

Did You Know?

  • Was set to play Sonya Blade in Mortal Kombat but broke her wrist while taking karate lessons to prepare for the role.
  • Her name is mentioned in the lyric of Brian Wilson’s 1998 song “South America”.
  • She even dated Justin Timberlake.
  • According to Forbes, for each dollar she got paid, Cameron Diaz’s movies averaged $9 of gross income

  • Question of

    Let’s start off with an easy one. In her breakthrough movie, The Mask, Cameron Diaz starred opposite which comic actor?

    • Mike Myers
    • Adam Sandler
    • Jim Carrey
    • Ben Schwartz
  • Question of

    Cameron lent her voice to a character in which popular animated movie series?

    • Shrek
    • Madagascar
    • Ice Age
    • Frozen
  • Question of

    In which city in California was Cameron born?

    • San Diego
    • Los Angeles
    • Bakersfield
    • Malibu
  • Question of

    At what age did Cameron begin modelling?

    • 22
    • 21
    • 16
    • 18
  • Question of

    In “Feeling Minnesota” what did Cameron’s character change her tattoo to?

    • Angel
    • Tribal design
    • Heart
    • Rose
  • Question of

    In “Gangs of New York” Cameron’s character is two different types of thieves, what are they called?

    • Autumn diver and Stargazer
    • Bludget and Stargazer
    • Bludget and Turtledove
    • Stargazer and Turtledove
  • Question of

    In “A Life Less Ordinary” what is the name of the company Robert works for?

    • Naville Building Supplies
    • Naville Communications
    • Naville Water Supplies
    • Naville Power and Light
  • Question of

    Finish this quote from “Vanilla Sky”: “The saddest girl to ever __________.”

    • hold a martini
    • leave him alone
    • stay alone
    • hold a mojito