Here “the kids are alright”; what about yours?

Hey everyone, we are back with an exciting quiz. Try out this quiz and see really if “The kids are All Right?” All the best!

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  • Which type of business did Jules start?

    • landscape design business
    • Online Marketing services
    • Catering services
  • What was the condition that the younger child had to follow in order to find his biological father?

    • he has to be the age of 18
    • he has to be the age of 21
    • he has to be the age of 25
  • Laser implored his sister Joni to contact the sperm bank. Do you know who was the donor?

    • Mia
    • Pauls
    • Jules
  • To whom did Joni not want to get upset?

    • Sister
    • Father
    • Mother
  • Who started spending more time with Paul?

    • Nic and kids
    • Joni and kids
    • Jules and kids
  • From where Nic had discovered traces of Jules’s hair?

    • Paul’s bathroom
    • Paul’s bedroom
    • From both of the above options
  • After the argument where is Jules forced to sleep?

    • On the couch
    • On the sofa
    • In the balcony
  • What was the matter on which the whole argument was based on?

    • Nic & Jules relationship
    • Paul & Jules relationship
    • Joni & Jules relationship
  • Who admitted his/her errors and begged for forgiveness?

    • Jules
    • Paul
    • Nic
  • Paul was watching somebody from outside the window, trying to get his/her attention but that person ignored him. Name that person.

    • Jules
    • Laser
    • Nic