Friends Minor Characters: Can Anyone Identify Them All?

What is the one thing between a FRIENDS reunion and us? A very long quarantine! Nevermind, we are here to keep you busy trivia quizzes while it lasts. But careful here. Though everyone knows it all about RACH, JOEY, CHAN, PHOEBS, MON and ROSS, most of the people don’t remember the names of the minor characters. Let us begin and see if you are in the creamy layers of the fandom! You will get a few hints now and then.

  • Question of

    The girl whose head Rachel shaved!

    • Betty
    • Bonnie
    • Mitsy
    • Cho
  • Question of

    He babysit Emma.

    • Garry
    • Gavin
    • Barry
    • Burke
  • Question of

    That Annoying Friend!

    • Christina
    • Ezra
    • Amy
    • Amanda
  • Question of

    She owns everything in the room!

    • Judith Clemens
    • Judy Geller
    • Jessica Lockhart
    • Jess Buffay
  • Question of

    That one boss!

    • Jenna
    • Joanna
    • Josie
    • Julianna
  • Question of

    When we missed Joey!

    • Teddy
    • Ted
    • Ray
    • Eddie
  • Question of

    Julia Roberts as the girl Chandler bullied in school!

    • Linda
    • Susie
    • Bonnie
    • Anna
  • Question of

    The Cousin

    • Karen
    • Carol
    • Cassie
    • Cindy