Dare to take up the challenge from ‘Modern Family’

Modern Family is here to play an exciting quiz with you. Get ready and explore the Modern Family with this amazing quiz.

  • Question of

    For which occasion, the family had a get together?

    • July Parade
    • August Parade
    • Mah Parade
  • Question of

    On the occasion of family get together what was the role of Jay?

    • chief guest
    • Police officer
    • Grand Marshal
    • What was the plan of Phin in family get together?
  • Question of

    What was the plan of Phil in family get together?

    • flip the script on Jay
    • surprise party for Jay
    • pajama party for everybody
  • Question of

    What was the relation between Jay and Claire?

    • uncle & niece
    • father & daughter
    • friends
  • Question of

    Why nobody did believe on that guy who had a canadian girlfriend?

    • he had no contact no of her
    • he was not in touch with her
    • he had no picture of her
  • Question of

    Do you know the name of Manny’s girlfriend.

    • Claire
    • Hayley
    • Sherry
  • Question of

    Sherry continued to stay with whom?

    • Jay & Gloria
    • Claire & Hayley
    • Jay& Sherry
  • Question of

    Mitch’s co-worker, Trent was leading______.

    • annual parade
    • high profile case
    • a crime case
  • Question of

    Guess what is the status of Trent?

    • gay & married
    • gay & unmarried
    • divorcee
  • Question of

    Who wad Dede?

    • Jay’s ex-wife
    • Jay’s present-wife
    • Jay’s friend