Are you “SHERLOCKED” like most of us? Here’s a chance to prove it

We have waited year after years to get just another glance of Sherlock rocking with his sarcasm and wit. Sherlock has always been our favourite and will continue to be so for god knows how many years more. Let us get lost in the world of Sherlock all over again while playing this quiz. Welcome.

  • Question of

    Who portrayed the character of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ in ‘Sherlock Holmes’ T.V. series?

    • Martin Freeman
    • Benedict Cumberbatch
    • Robert Downey Jr.
    • Rupert Graves
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    What was Sherlock Holmes’ address?

    • 221 B, Baker Street
    • Central Perk, NY
    • #4, Privet Drive
    • 15 Yemen Road, Yemen
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    What was John Watson’s role in army?

    • Lieutinant
    • Soldier
    • Doctor
    • Commander
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    What was the code of Irene Adler’s cellphone?

    • SHER
    • SERH
    • ADLER
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    What was the first case that Sherlock and Watson solved together?

    • The Blind Banker
    • A study in Pink
    • The great game
    • The hounds of Baskerville
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    Who was the man who bribed John Watson for Sherlock’s secret information?

    • Jim Moriarty
    • Irene Adler
    • Mycroft Holmes
    • Eurus Holmes
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    Who faked their death in the series?

    • John Watson
    • Sherlock Holmes
    • Jim Moriarty
    • Mary Morstan
  • Question of

    Who is also known as “East wind”?

    • Adler
    • Moriarty
    • Mycroft
    • Eurus
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    Who was red beard?

    • Sherlock’s brother
    • Sherlock’s friend
    • Sherlock’s dog
    • Sherlock’s sister
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    Who was Sherlock attracted to?

    • Irene Adler
    • Molly Hooper
    • Mary
    • Sgt Sally