How Well You Know About “The Crown” Netflix Series?

Hi Friends. This time score perfect 11 in “The Crown” Show Quiz. I hope so you will enjoy answering the questions. It is a big test for the true fan of Matt Smith and Claire Foy.

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  • Who is the writer of “The Crown” Show?

    • Peter Morgan
    • Greg Wise
    • Matt Smith
  • The Netflix drama is an adaption of

    • Avengers
    • The Queen Movie
    • Captain Marvel
  • How many episodes the show stream on Netflix?

    • 60
    • 50
    • 50
  • Which Hollywood Actress played the role of Queen Elizabeth in the show?

    • Claire Foy
    • Victoria Hamilton
    • Elien Alkins
  • Which English Actor won the 23rd Screen Award for Best Actor in “The Crown” ?

    • Matt Smith
    • Matthew Goode
    • Alex Jennings
  • The Crown based on the life of

    • Prince Charles
    • Princess Margaret
    • Queen Elizabeth II
  • Which TV Actor played the role of Queen Elizabeth II husband in the show?

    • Ben Miles
    • John Lithglow
    • Matt Smith
  • The fourth season of the show based on

    • Winston Churchill
    • King George VI
    • Margaret Thatcher
  • Victoria Hamilton appears in the show as

    • Queen Mary
    • Princess Thatcher
    • Queen Elizabeth
  • How many Emmy Awards for the Best Show “The Crown” has won?

    • 2
    • 5
    • 3
  • Name the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II

    • Queen Mary
    • Princess Margaret
    • Duchess o
    • Duchess of Windsor